What We Do

Tomer Peretz Design offers customers full service renovation management services which include a home design plan, recruitment of a professional construction team, selection all your remodeling elements, and coordinating and monitoring all manpower and supplies.

We put special emphasis on sticking to schedules and finalizing the finishing touches.

Introductory consultation session

Our first meeting will take place in your home. We will begin by discussing your vision for the remodeling. Tell us about your design needs, likes and dislikes, your budget and time frame. With your permission, we’ll take full measurements of your space and photograph all your existing home furnishings and decor so that we can provide the perfect remodeling concept that suits your lifestyle and personal taste.

First design concept review

In this meeting we will present you with a number of preliminary design plans that we recommend for your home. These plans are based on the information you shared with us in the introductory meeting, combined with our years of experience and know-how in building and interior design. The plans cover the following:

  • Space distribution
  • Color selections
  • Furniture styles and placement
  • Integration of new furnishing into your existing interior

Assemble the construction team and finalize the price quote

Now that your construction and design plans are ready, it’s time for us to finalize the price quote, recruit the professionals who will make your remodeling dream a reality and agree on a start date.

We will carefully select only the most trusted and experienced contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, painters and other qualified experts and promise to monitor their work from start to finish. Approximately two weeks before the construction start date, Tomer Peretz will meet you at your home to review the plans and go over the project details.

Make the selections

Once you have chosen a preliminary design plan and throughout the construction phase, we will guide you through selecting all your remodeling elements throughout the construction phase. From flooring and tiling to countertops, cabinets, light fixtures and furniture fabrics, we’ll meet you at the showrooms, browse through all the options with you and help you make the right choices.

The construction phase

Throughout the construction phase we will ensure that the contractor and his team are working efficiently and that materials are delivered on time. We’ll coordinate the work between multiple professionals and carry out regular site inspections.

Completion of project and final touches

Tomer Peretz will follow up with all the professionals on your construction team to make sure they complete all of their work on time with top-quality results. We will then do a final walk-through of your home and scan for any finishings touches that need to be taken care of before we close the project.

Contact us to set up an introductory meeting free of charge.